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In addition to exclusive listings, we offer a selection of quiet listings which are off market and/or premarket. Please contact us for additional information on how to view these offerings. Once you have received the passcode from one of our agents, you may view the properties using the button to the right.

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Intricately involved in the Hamptons' market on a daily basis, our agents are acutely aware of inventory and timing. It is our goal to help you discover the perfect property. Trust our local acumen and intuition to find your new humble abode.

Looking for a short summer getaway or a winter retreat? Navigating the Hamptons’ rental market can be both exciting and confusing due to continually changing local rental regulations and restrictions. Allow us to be your dedicated partner in navigating your rental search.

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Points West

(40.9294, -73.1026)


(40.935917, -72.305673)


(40.947563, -72.248136)


(41.034555, -71.944177) 


(40.884491, -72.389870)

Sag Harbor

(41.000587, -72.295310)

East Hampton

(40.962552, -72.186354)

Water Mill

(40.908979, -72.355491)


(40.943835, -72.268221)


(40.973189, -72.146199)


Investment opportunities

We are well experienced working with real estate investors, developers​ and speculative builders.


When we take on clients interested in capitalizing on the lucrative opportunities available in the Hamptons real estate market, we devote time to fully understand the desires and return expectations.


Our agents commit to scouring the market for the ideal investment to match your particular strategy. We also have the ability to tap into our private, off market seller database for more unique requests.


By deeply analyzing each potential opportunity, we provide you with a complete breakdown of all costs and potential ROI based on several different exit possibilities.

We pledge utmost confidence in all stages of dealings.